Overview of 8/5/14 Airport Greeter Training

Welcome to GRCC Airport Greeter Orientation

Thank you all for attending the training last night.  We greatly appreciate you giving us a few hours of your time.  If you have any questions please feel free to email us at housing@greenriver.edu.

We’ll be sending “greeter availability” emails out before every quarter, so please be sure to watch for those & reply even if you’re not available that quarter to greet.

Thanks again!!

IPEL Housing

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Mt Rainier Trip this weekend!!!!

Mt Rainier MFLY 2014

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Great solution for transportation offered by a GRCC Host Family!

Please take a look at the flier we’ve attached to this post if you’re looking for additional help in transporting your students to & from GRCC.  Or if you need help because you’re going to take a vacation & need help getting your students to & from school for a few days.

Eagles Student Transportation Service 2014

Hope everyone is doing well!!!

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Sports Tournament at GRCC in May: Save the dates!!

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The Indonesian Student Organization (ISO), is throwing its annual sports tournament in the GRCC gym on May 9th, 10th & 16th from 4-9pm. This has become a pretty big event, especially among our international student population and it is so much fun to watch & support!!

Follow/join the group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iso.grcc

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GRCC International Student Letter to her Host Family

Read this Sweet letter from International student to her host family as she was preparing to return to her home country.

This is an exact example of how wonderful our host families are and how grateful our students are to them for opening their homes and their hearts.

Have a great weekend and enjoy that wonderful sunshine!!
-IP Housing Team

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Interested in being a host family for our wonderful GRCC international students????

Thank you for your interest in being a host family!!!

All new families are required to attend a Host Family orientation prior to being approved. The next orientations are on April 23rd & May 8th at 630pm in the IVC building, room 101. The IV-C building is located in the McIntyre International Village (IV) area of campus. Here is a link to our main campus map. The orientation is about an hour and a half long and full of information.

A couple of details to consider before orientation:

• There can be no one living in the home who is not a family member.
• Host families commit to only hosting Green River international students and may not have a homeshare or homestay outside our program.
• Students must be able to get from your front door to GRCC campus in less than 45 minutes, including all transfers, walking & wait time.
• Students choose homestay to build their English skills. English must be the primary language spoken in the home.
• Students must have their own private room.
• We run a background check on everyone in the home over the age of 18. This is a cost of $17 per person, which the family is responsible to pay.

After the application is complete and the background check is approved we will do an in home visit. At this time, we go over the host family manual and brush up on anything that may have been missed or confusing during orientation. We will take a photo of your house, the student’s room and a family photo. Depending on the time of year you are approved, you might get a student right away or might have to wait.

Thank you again for your interest. We hope to see you at orientation.

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Important Schedule Updates & More Spring Quarter Info

IMPORTANT::::::::::::>>>>>> FFS SPRING COOKING CLASS FOR THIS SATURDAY, APRIL 5TH AT CCA HAS BEEN CANCELED. (You are invited to join the same cooking class on May 3rd, 2014 from 11am-1pm in the CCA common area.  See you there!!!!!!

FFS Spring Schedule Reminders:

Level 1 & 2 IESL students in FFS meet on Tuesday afternoons at 4:00 (immediately following) their IESL classes.  There will be a bus that brings them back to main campus which leaves Kent Campus at 5:00 and goes straight to main campus.

There are some required activities for FFS students that will help them get a strong start.  We appreciate you supporting students as they may have transportation needs associated with these times.  Students are told to talk with their host families about any needs they have for transportation as a result of attending their FFS activities.  If you have any questions please contact Mary Butcher, mbutcher@greenriver.edu or 253 833 9111 xt 2183.

Required FFS Events:

  • April 22 5:15 – 6:30 Main Dining Hall  Auburn Campus – Safe Driving Talk (must attend)
  • April 26 OR May 24 1:00 – 2:30  Lea Hill Park –  Park Pick-up Project (must attend one)
  • Assignment One – going to a meal with Peer Mentor and other students (by week 3)
  • Assignment Two – going to an entertainment activity with Peer Mentor and others

Additional FFS Events (strongly encouraged – lots of fun!)

  • May 3rd 11:00 – 1:00 CCA Common Area – Cooking Class


We have such wonderful staff, students & volunteers here at GRCC that want to be helpful to our International students success.  Campus Talk if one of the ways they are so generous with their time.

Campus Talk is where International students can come for however much time they’d like and just chit chat with these volunteers to get more practice speaking English outside the classroom setting.

As they say, PRACTICE makes you perfect & learning a new language is no exception. :)

Please have your students take advantage of the help offered.  Print these two fliers out & paste them on your refrigerator as a reminder of the great help available to them!

Campus Talk Info and Campus Talk Spring 2014 Schedule


One more thing:

Share your photos!!!!

We’d love to start adding photos to our blog & facebook of students & their amazing host families!  When you’re out doing daily things, festive activities or just hanging around the house take photos and please share!  We here at housing love seeing our host families & students enjoying their experiences together.  We’d like to share them with all the other families & students as well.

Thank you, we can’t wait to see those pics!!

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