OFFICIAL ARRIVAL DAY – 3 Days and Counting!

Greetings from Housing !

Yes, believe it or not – official arrival day for our new Spring Quarter students is Monday! We have had a few arrive already but the majority will be arriving at the airport sometime on Monday.

If you have a new student arriving:

  • Arrive to the airport on time.
  • Go to Baggage Claim 1.
  • Look for the Green River table and check in with Jude and Ron.
  • Bring a welcome sign with your students name on it. This will help them locate you.
  • We ask that you remember to patient. Our students don’t have any control over flights being on time or how quickly they get through customs. Remember you are their first Green River contact.
  • Housing will be on call for any questions or concerns. 253-740-0874

Please check your Housing email and respond to our invite. Our upcoming meeting is required. There are a lot of good changes happening and we would like to discuss the changes with all Host Families at the same time.

Thank you for all you do to make our Housing program so successful!


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Week 2 – Finals next week

Greetings – Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Next week is our last full week before our Spring quarter students arrive. Those of you with new incoming Spring students will be receiving your student packets the first part of the week. We do have a few students who have not sent us their flight arrival information. If you hear from your student and they give you their arrival information, please pass it on to Housing right away. Thank you

Thank you for all you do for your students, please continue to forward on your photo memories with your students.

St Patrick's Day

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What happened in week 3?

Housing was busy this week placing all new incoming students for Spring quarter. Currently we have placed 49 with Host Families and 52 into CCA.

What are you doing this weekend? How about taking your family to the play “A Streetcar Named Desire”. This play is put on by GRC students and would be a wonderful way to spend either Friday or Saturday evening. Students are FREE with their student ID. Please see the flyer below.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Street Car Named Desire

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Count down to Official Arrival Day, March 27, 2017! Placement has begun!

As of today all new students requesting Host Families for Spring quarter, have been placed. With that said, please keep in mind that we may continue to get additional students until arrival day. Currently we have more available Host Families than we do incoming students. We are doing our best to be fare with placements – our goal is that all Host have at least one student in your home.

If your new students sends you an email introducing themselves, we encourage you to write back to them and begin to build a friendship. Tell them a bit about your family, things you like to do, maybe send them a photo so they know who to look for once they arrive to the airport.

Looking for something fun to do with your family? How about cooking lessons. Check out these Cultural Center activities.

Please continue to send us your photo’s and activity ideas. Look at the great fun this family is having. snow



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The countdown for Spring quarter has begun!

Hopefully everyone survived the snow! I loved it, the blanket of white was so beautiful! We would love to see photo’s from your snow day!

Believe it or not, there is just over 6 weeks before our new Spring quarter students arrive!

  • Please check your email for the “Spring availability“. You should have received it this week, if not please contact Housing right away. Everyone needs to reply by February 15th! Even if your house is full and there are no updates, please let us know.
  • Also – some of  you have been contacted regarding updating your background check. Background certifications are good for five years. All host family’s must have a current background check prior to receiving new students for Spring quarter. If you need assistance, please contact Housing. If you haven’t been notified by Housing, your background certification is up-to-date for now.

Free admission, family fun event for Saturday, February 11th from 11a – 6p



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Spring Quarter Availability

Happy Spring!!!

It’s time to let us know if you’re available to host this quarter.  Please copy & paste the following questions with your answers in a reply email to me at by February 15th! Spring Quarter placements will begin on February 21st, so it is crucial for Housing to know each host families update.


How many available long term openings do you have?

  1. When will you have these rooms available?
  2. Male or Female or Both?
  3. Would you like to be considered for Short Term Programs this Spring?
  4. Any home changes; kids, pets, family … any changes of who’s living in the home?
  5. Students (include their Student ID number) currently living with you.
  6. Phone number or email changes?

Please remember to contact the Housing Office right away if your underage student (16 or 17 years old) expresses an interest in moving.

If you have been asked to complete or update a certified background check for GRC Housing, please do so ASAP. We will not be able to place students with host families that do not have an updated (in the last 5 years) or completed background check on file.

Thank you, again for being such a wonderful host family!  We greatly appreciate all that you do!

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Do your students have questions?

Come chat with us! We will provide a free lunch!  

Housing would love to see all our student next week at one of our Life in the USA” presentations. There will be four different opportunities for students to attend. Please encourage your students to come.


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