Ice Hockey Game this Saturday!!


When: Saturday, February 28th
Where: Meet at the Bus Circle near Administration Building (Main Campus)
Time: 6:00p-10:00p
Cost: $5 Green River Student/$10 Non-Students
Why: Food voucher provided during the game & transportation to Showare Center provided!!!

Click –>here<– for more details!!

-IPEL Housing Team

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Photo Contest Winners!!!

Thank you to all of our host families who submitted photos for our Photo Contest! It was very hard to decide the winners; all of the pictures were great! The staff and faculty in International Programs voted to decide the winners!

The Winners are:

The Knox Family, The Baker Family, The Meek Family, & the Boettger Family!

Thank you again, for being such wonderful host families!! :)

-The Housing Team

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Birthday’s in International Programs!

Today is Tawnya McLavey and Stephanie Scoby’s Birthday!
Tawnya is the Manager of our International Visitors Program; she also coordinates different events for our program!
Stephanie is the Director of International Sales & Marketing! She is currently out of the office today!

Happy Birthday, Tawnya and Stephanie!!

tawnya2 lunarrr

-International Programs

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Japanese recipes!!

Did you know that Japanese cuisine is increasing the appeal on American palates?
Why? Because it’s all about the flavor!!

Japanese-Style Crispy Pork

Japanese Noodle Bowl

Give these recipes a try and let us know what you think!!

Next week we will feature the BEST Korean recipes out there!

-Your Housing Team

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Alumna of the Month!

Meet our Alumna of the Month, Shihyu (Shelly) Yang, from Taiwan! At age 16, Shelly decided to move to the US to begin her studies. She first came to Seattle as an exchange student at Columbia High School. After she graduated from high school, she enrolled to Green River College and graduated in 2011! Shelly is currently a senior at University of Massachusetts College of Nursing and Health Science in Boston…
Click –>here<– to read her story!


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Peer Mentoring Applications Due TOMORROW


Click –>Here<– to be directed to the application! Fill it out and turn it into the IP Office (IVD Building) by TOMORROW Friday, February 20th at 3:00P.

-IPEL Housing

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Spring Availability Questionaire

Happy Spring to all of our host families!

As most of you know your housing team sent out this quarters “Availability Questionnaire” to your emails. Here’s some Q&A about that email that we hope you’ll find helpful.

Q: Why is it so important that we fill this out EVERY SINGLE quarter especially if there have not been any changes?
A: Because every quarter we have to have an address for all our students who are in GRC housing program for immigration purposes.

Q: Why do I always have to have my students ID numbers to give to you?
A: Because we don’t know their American nicknames & we need confirmation from you what specific students are living in your home.  Student ID is the easiest way for our record keeping.

Q: If I have 3 bedrooms available but I only want 1 student this quarter, is that ok? What if I want to change from hosting girls to boys or vice versa?
A: Of course you can make any changes at any time!  It’s your home & we respect whatever you wish.  You can change your preferences at any time, no problem.  The Availability Questionnaire is a great time to let us know of any changes you want.  Remember, you can always change your mind again.  No problem.

Q: Does my GRC housing team like to receive chocolate & flowers as gifts???
A: Why yes, yes they do!!  :)

Also, this Availability Questionnaire email time is a great opportunity so share any stories with us.  We love hearing what wonderful experiences you all have.  It means a lot to us & reminds us why we love our careers!
Here’s an example from the Meek family, “We will have had Beyond & Kevin for one year as of March. They are such kind young men very respectful we really enjoy having them and my kids call them like brothers. It’s such a fun experience. We plan to treat them to dinner at Applebee’s for their one year anniversary to celebrate one year in America. This is so exciting for us! “

If you did not receive an Availability Questionnaire from us, please check your junkbox in your email or email us at and we’ll be happy to send you one.

We cannot tell you all enough how much we appreciate your dedication to GRC students & program.  You all are thought of fondly!

IP Housing Team

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