NO IESL CLASSES 6/25 & 6/26

Greetings Host Families,

There will not be any IESL classes on June 25th and June 26th, 2015. 

Have your student refer to CANVAS for homework and assignments!

Please contact housing at if you have any questions!

-Your IPEL Housing Team

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Ramadan 2015

“The month of Ramadan has commenced! Muslims around the world witness and perform fasting. Ramadan is considered the most consecrated month in the Islamic calendar year; Muslims acknowledge the Quran’s revelation. During this time, Muslims embark a physical and spiritual journey to renew their faith.

Every day during Ramadan, fasting begins from sunrise and ends at sunset. One of Ramadan’s purposes is to promote compassion & acceptance towards others; hence being coined the, “Month of Mercy”. The physical portion of fasting, foregoing food and beverage consumption, reflects how strong one’s spirituality and faith is during the time of sacrifice. Muslims believe to experience hunger and thirst aims to increase one’s awareness and consideration towards others; being mindful of those less fortunate and needy. The significance and rewards of fasting comprises virtuous and honorable conduct and improved acts of charity and kindness. Ramadan is a dedication to achieving a higher power conscious, cleansing the body, renewing the spirit, and purifying the heart.

Below are a few recommendations for everyone to consider this month:

Muslim students may choose to fast while others may not; depending on students’ faith involvement.

  • Muslim students will be fasting for seventeen hours; may affect energy levels or extent of participation in class.
  • Allow Muslim students to take a moment to conclude their fast during evening classes.
  • Educators can accommodate Eid Al-Fitr, the holiday commemorating the end of the month of Ramadan.  This day lands on July 17.  In addition, scheduled tests or important assignments should be completed before or after the holiday.”

Click the picture to learn more about Ramadan!


-Your IPEL Housing Team

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Policy Refresher

Hello wonderful host families!

This month our policy refresher is about picking up new students from the airport!! 

Monday, June 15th is the official arrival day for Summer quarter students.

Some tips to remember when picking your student up from Sea-Tac airport:

  • Be at the airport on time by checking the student’s airline 2 hours prior to arrival.
  • Most students will have to go through customs. The customs process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Bring a sign with the student’s name on it in large print.
  • Most students arrive at international baggage claim #1. If your student arrives on a domestic flight. They will be at the baggage claim for the domestic flight.
  • Print out the airport greeter form we emailed. The student needs to sign it.
  • Parents arriving with students should have been announced in advance.
    1. Parents can participate in a parent orientation.
    2. Guest Services assists families with hotel reservations.
    3. Families must not stay with the host family during their stay. It is in everyone’s best interest to adhere to this policy.
    4. Families may take a taxi or shuttle to the hotel. If the host transports the family a $50.00 per person fee may be charged and collected by the host family. They are notified of this fee in advance.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Bring your patience and a smile. Plan on picking up your student yourself; first impressions are hard to overcome!!

(Click image to see the Host Family Manual)

Please email any questions or concerns to 

-Your IPEL Housing Team

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Ice Cream Social, TOMORROW!!


What: Ice Cream Social

When: Tomorrow, June 9th

Time: 1:00p-3:00p

Where: Outside of the IVD Building (main campus)

Why: Because who doesn’t like ice cream and good company? :)

-IPEL Housing Team

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Irish Recipes!!

Did you know, “Bread is an important part of Irish culture. Fresh soda bread, a crusty brown bread made from whole-wheat flour and buttermilk, is a national dish of Ireland. Irish bakers don’t stop with soda bread, however. They bake a wide variety of other hearty breads and cakes. And the most common everyday beverage in Ireland is tea.”

Irish Potato Cakes

potato cakes
(Click image to see recipe)

Irish Stew

(Click image to see recipe)

Irish Macaroni and Cheese

(Click image to see recipe)

Check back with us next Monday for our Ukrainian recipes!

-Your IPEL Housing Team

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Attention NEW International Students!!!

We are very excited to welcome you to Green River College! 

Once you have arrived to Green River and get through testing/orientation, we want to take you on a overnight experience; CORE!


It is a FREE, wonderful experience to meet new people and have fun! It’s an adventure you don’t want to miss out on!

Please contact Daniel at or at (253) 833-9111 EXT. 2407

-Your IPEL Housing Team 

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Blood Drive 6/4/15

blood drive

Green River College’s blood drive is tomorrow, Thursday June 4th from 10:30a-2:30p.

The Bloodmobile will be parked in the Kennelly Commons!

Before you donate: be sure to eat well, drink plenty of non-caffeinated fluids and bring a picture ID with you.

Encourage a friend to donate with you!


-IPEL Housing

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