Happy Mother’s Day to all our Fabulous Host Moms!


We had a excellent turn out last night! Thank you to all of you who attended the 16 year old orientation. The Housing team will be reviewing all applications and contacting you prior to Fall quarter if you are approved to host 16 year olds. If you took your application home, and you are interested in hosting a 16 year old, please return it at your earliest convenience.

 For those who were unable to attend, but are interested in hosting 16 year olds – you must attend one of our Thursday night “prospective host family” orientations. There are plenty of opportunities for you to attend – beginning next Thursday, May 18th through June, we will be hosting an orientation every Thursday. The orientations are held in        IVC 101 at 6:30p. See you there!

We began our preliminary placement for Summer students today. We have LOTS of short term students this summer and not many long term. Not everyone who requested a long term student will get one. Maybe you are interested in having a short term student? Or if your choice is males but you are willing to take females, or visa versa please let us know right away. Thank you in advance for your flexibility!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Availability emails have been sent out!


This past week the Housing team sent out our availability emails. Please respond with your availability by Thursday, May 10th. Please respond EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT AVAILABLE  FOR SPRING QUARTER.    Thank you to all who already responded!

Upcoming GRC student activities:  If you or your students are interested, please contact Green River website, Campus Life:  http://www.greenriver.edu/campus-life.htm

  • Friday, May 12th: Roller skating, 7p-10p
  • Saturday, May 13th: Columbia Gorge Hike/Outlet Shopping, 7a-8:30p
  • Sunday, May 14th: Color Run, 6:30a-12p
  • Saturday, May 20th: Petpalooza Volunteering, 8a-3p
  • Saturday, May 20th & 21st: Lake Wenatchee Camping, (time not decided yet)
  • Saturday, May 27th: Wale Watching and Friday Harbor visit, 6a-9p
  • Saturday, May 27th: Sounders vs. Timbers, 10a-4p

Have a wonderful weekend!

Annie Jose Family



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April showers bring May flowers!

Thanks to all the rain in April it is beautiful and green on campus with blossoms everywhere. We hope you and your students are able to get out and enjoy this beautiful Spring. Photo from LaConner, WA.


Thank you to all who attended the Host Family Social. It was wonderful to visit and meet with so many of you. We appreciate you giving your time, and attending to hear about what is new in Housing. If you have any further questions or comments, please contact the Housing office.

Host Family Social

We have two 16 year old orientations scheduled for May. Please plan to attend one of these orientations if you are interested in hosting a 16 year old.

  • May 11th in SH 110 @ 6:30p
  • May 25th in IVC 101 @ 6:30p

Please be sure to watch your email the first week of May. We will be sending out the availability email for Summer quarter. Remember – even if you aren’t available for a new student, please respond to the email – this is how you stay in active status.

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First week of Spring quarter

Greetings to all!

Hopefully everyone had a smooth first week of Spring quarter. The Housing office wasn’t too busy, which is a good sign that everyone is adjusting to new students, new host family’s and new schedules!

Please see the Life in the USA flyer below. This is a great opportunity for your new students to meet the Housing team. Plus they get lunch!

Also – another opportunity for students to converse in English is by attending the Campus Talk gatherings. These gatherings happen EVERY Tuesday and Friday from 11:30a-2:00p, in the Student Center, on the main campus. Snacks and beverages provided.

Please share this information to your students.

Life in the USA0001; Flyer Campus Talk Spring 2017

Have a wonderful weekend

You're Awesome


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We made it! 127 International Students have arrived!

Yes, they have arrived! Housing placed about 100 new students. There was a split of 50/50 students to Host Families and CCA.

  • Orientation went well and 94 students attended CORE!
  • Due to arrival times, some of you were unable to complete the greeting process of setting up banking and cell phones. Please continue to assist your new student with this process. Greeters – if you need assistance in contacting your student please let us know.
  • Don’t forget to send in your Airport Greeter invoice. We can’t process your check without the invoice.

Classes begin on Monday, April 3rd.

  • Please remind ALL students that tuition is due that day!

We currently have 59 families on our availability list. We know you would all like to have all of your rooms occupied by students – we are doing our best to place students in your home, matching their preferences with yours. Our goal is that all of you have at least one student. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to assign students.

Host Family Social

  • Everyone should have received an Evite in your email and a postcard from Housing. We are hosting a required  Host Family Social on April 24th from 6:30p – 8:30p. Please send in your RSVP. There will be a few big/good changes announced at this time and we are asking a representative from each family to attend.

Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for all you do for our International students.

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OFFICIAL ARRIVAL DAY – 3 Days and Counting!

Greetings from Housing !

Yes, believe it or not – official arrival day for our new Spring Quarter students is Monday! We have had a few arrive already but the majority will be arriving at the airport sometime on Monday.

If you have a new student arriving:

  • Arrive to the airport on time.
  • Go to Baggage Claim 1.
  • Look for the Green River table and check in with Jude and Ron.
  • Bring a welcome sign with your students name on it. This will help them locate you.
  • We ask that you remember to patient. Our students don’t have any control over flights being on time or how quickly they get through customs. Remember you are their first Green River contact.
  • Housing will be on call for any questions or concerns. 253-740-0874

Please check your Housing email and respond to our invite. Our upcoming meeting is required. There are a lot of good changes happening and we would like to discuss the changes with all Host Families at the same time.

Thank you for all you do to make our Housing program so successful!


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Week 2 – Finals next week

Greetings – Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Next week is our last full week before our Spring quarter students arrive. Those of you with new incoming Spring students will be receiving your student packets the first part of the week. We do have a few students who have not sent us their flight arrival information. If you hear from your student and they give you their arrival information, please pass it on to Housing right away. Thank you

Thank you for all you do for your students, please continue to forward on your photo memories with your students.

St Patrick's Day

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