Just a little over 3 weeks until incoming summer students!

graduateSpring graduation is right around the corner! Join us in all the celebration!

  • Mocktails: June 13th at 5p in SU-Grand Hall
  • IP Graduation Celebration: Friday, June 15th. From 1-2:30p in the Grand Hall in the SU building. Buffet lunch will be provided. Please come celebrate with our students.
  • Graduation Celebration: Friday, June 15th, 1-2:30p SU Grand Hall – Lunch buffet provided.

welcome 2

Official arrival day for summer quarter is June 19th. We have spoken with many of you on the phone or through email over the last few weeks. We know you are disappointed that you are not getting a new student. Housing had hoped for higher numbers also, we wish we had students to fill each and every home. We also know that many of you have gotten used to having a full house and count on the income. Your students know when you are hosting mostly for the income. They come in and want to move. These are a few comments Housing hearing lately:

  • Don’t eat anything in the refrigerator without asking
  • I am only going to cook dinner 3 nights a week. If you don’t want to eat left overs you can call UBER Eats or eat at school
  • Do you know anyone who would like to move in
  •  You can only have one piece of fruit a day, either an apple or banana.
  • Don’t run the washer and drier more than once a week, do you know what the water/electric bill cost me each month

Community Event – Grand Iftaar (Breaking of Ramadan Fasting)comunity

Islamic Center of Kent (ICK) management cordially invites you, your family, and your Church Community members to join us for a Grand Iftaar (Breaking of Ramadan Fasting) and Community Outreach event that will be held on:

There will be an important talk by Sheikh Syed Imran Ahmed, and Sheikh Qasim Hateem on the topics “Why do Muslims fast? Ramadan- Its Virtues and Impacts on the Society”. Program Details:

  • 7:00-7:30p -Welcome & fellowship
  • 7:40-8:15p – Speaking by Sheikh Qasim Hateem & Sheikh Syed Imran Ahmed
  • 8:45-9:00p – Iftaar – Breaking of fasting with dates, fruits & water
  • 9:00-9:15 – Break for Maghreb prayer
  • 9:15-10:00 – Dinner and program closing

Is your student ptraavellanning to travel outside the U.S. this summer? Students must come into the IP office and have their adviser sign their travel documents prior to leaving. This process could take up to 2 weeks. Please ask your student to plan ahead.


How are classes going? May 25th is the last day to officially submit a Pass/Noncredit petition or complete an Official Withdrawal from a class.


I don’t know him but I bet your students do! Eric Nam, K-Pop musician. Will be performing Sunday, June 10th at the Neumos in Seattle. For more information contact the Students Activity department in the SU building.

Art reception

GRC has many artistically talented students!

  Join us for the Espial Book Release party and Poetry reading. There will be a reception and the Espial book will be on sale for $10.00. June 7th, SH 273 from 12-1:30p

memorial day.jpg

Have a wonderful weekend! Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day.

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Preliminary Placement has begun!

new studentsYes it is true – we are only 4 weeks out until our new summer quarter students arrive. I wish I could tell you that Housing was able to place a student with every family that replied to our availability email, but that will not be possible. Please be patient with us – we are continuing to get new students and we are also getting current student who want to move but many of them don’t want to move until the end of the quarter.

Will you be joining us to celebrate our International Students! 

  • Join us for Mocktails –> June 13th at 5p in SU-Grand Hall
  • IP Graduation Celebration: Friday, June 15th. From 1-2:30p in the Grand Hall in the SU building. Buffet lunch will be provided. Please come celebrate with our students.
  • Graduation Celebration: Friday, June 15th, 1-2:30p SU Grand Hall – Lunch buffet provided.

Many families and students are looking for fun activities to do now that the weather is getting so nice and the days are longer. What have you been up to? Any fun activities you would like to share?

There are many activities being planned for the summer quarter. Have your student check out the Activities Calendar in the SU building and be sure they sign up as soon as they can – many of the events are limited in numbers. Some of the activities do require a fee, but many are free. Most events are open to students and non-students (Yes, that means you can go). Some of the activities scheduled are:

  • Mini golf, rollermini golf skating, dessert socials, outdoor movie night, bowling, Ape Caves, Kent Cornucopia Days, Orcas Island, Camping, Bubble run, King County Fair, baseball games and so much more!


Are you or your student participating in Ramadan? Many of the students on campus are. Ramadan started on May 16th and goes through June 15th. Ramadan

  • Ramadan is considered the holiest month in the Islamic lunar calendar. During this time, Muslims embark on physical and spiritual journeys to renew their faith. Every day during Ramadan, fasting begins from sunrise and ends at sunset. You may have a student who is participating in the fasting. This would mean they may not be able to eat when you eat – please allow them the flexibility to eat/drink during the hours that are open to them. This may mean your student gets up a little earlier than normal or maybe they eat later. You may notice that your student is more tired than usual. This may be due to fasting and lack of fluids during the day. Also their sleep maybe disrupted in order to break their fast. Please encourage your student to drink and eat plenty when they can.water For more information, please check out these following links:
  • History of Ramadan: http://www.history.com/topics/holidays/ramadan

Have a wonderful weekend!  TIFG

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Prelim Placement – begins Monday!

Mothers Day



“My student doesn’t have any money so we don’t do anything” We live in a beautiful state! How about take a family day? Go to the beach – Point Defiance is right by the Zoo in Tacoma. You could also take your bike – there are many bike trails.

Chinese OperaGo with GRC to the Chinese Opera at the Pantages Theater in Seattle. Sunday, May 13th from 5:45p – 10:30p. $15.


Does your student want some pocket money? There are many jobs on campus. PleasePeers send your student to the IP office for more details.


Kiki Graduates Minisota State


GRADUATION: Big days ahead for our student in the near future!

  • Join us for Mocktails – June 13th @ 5p in SU-Grand Hall

Please RSVP here:   https://goo.gl/forms/s0BpaAnsxkFLqqLg2

  • IP Graduation Celebration: Friday, June 15th. From 1-2:30p in the Grand Hall in the SU building. Buffet lunch will be provided. Please come celebrate with our students.
  • GRC Graduation/Commencement will be held on Friday, June 15th at the ShoWare Center in Kent. Students need to be on site no later than 7p. All friends and family may attend the ceremony at no cost. Please come support our students.



Part of your expectations as a host family is to orientate your student to your area – but also showing them what is so special about WA State! Have you thought about a Ferry ride? Walk on prices range from $4 – $8.50. Take a bike along, get off on the other side and tour around. Take a picnic lunch.

UW Tacoma   Is your student interested in UW? UW is coming to visit on Monday, May 15th from 1-3p in the SU building

Fun in the Park: game farm parkPetpalooza will be at Game Farm Park on Saturday, May 19th. Did you know there biking paths (you can ride all the way to Riverside High School), river paths, ball fields?

capital  Inexpensive opportunity for your students to see the State Capital in Olympia. Saturday, May 19th. $5 fee. They will also be going to Priest Point park & walking all the way to the beach.

Have a weekend filled with fun!fun2.jpg

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Hello Host Family’s


Yes our IP students can apply for GRC scholarships – deadline for applications are April 30th.boatingVolunteers needed – Who wants to attend C.O.R.E. ? Volunteers needed for our summer program. Apply between April 27th and May 11th. Applications at SU building, front reception desk.writeWhose competitive? The Writing Center is sponsoring an writing/art competition. Apply at the Writing center.fruite Carving1Free fun! Fruit carving – tonight at 5:30p, all GRC IP students are invited to Grace Lutheran Church for a fun time of carving fruit. Prizes will be awarded and dinner is included!ComedyFree entertainment! Kevin Yee – SU building May 2nd from 12-1p.

Career Fair – Tuesday, May 1st

Spring Events – encourage your student to read their IP news letter or go to the SU building to find out about ways to stay involved.

Jobs – IP Reception is hiring – deadline for application – April 30th.


Tutoring – If your student is struggling with any of their classes, please ask them to check out all the tutoring options on campus.

Thank you to all who attended our 16 year old family/student program feedback night. Your participation was greatly appreciated!

The Housing Team

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Here comes the sun!


Advising Day for all Academic students – Wednesday, April 25th. 9a-6p in the Student Union. There will also be workshops to assist your student with scholarship applications, degree planning. Also an opportunity to win a reserved parking space for one quarter!!!



Have you or are you currently hosting 16 year old student? – Don’t forget about the meeting. Wednesday, April 25th from 6-8p. We are looking for your comments and feedback about our 16 year old program. We can’t improve or make changes if we don’t know what is needed. This meeting is for both host families and your student. We will provide your dinner!

Adivisng dayUpcoming Career Fair for your students Tuesday May 1st from 10a-1p in the Student Union!

spring activitiesSpring events for more information please check with Student Life located in SU

  • April 25th – Chihuly Art Museum
  • April 26th – PACFEST, traditional dance/music from the Pacific Islands
  • April 28th – Soos Creek Botanical Gardens – volunteer opportunity
  • May 12th – Horse Riding Camp
  • May 13th – Chinese Theater
  • May 22nd – Taylor Swift concert

new documentIs your student looking for a job? How about working in the IP office – applications are available for pick up at the front desk in the IP building. Applications being accepted April 16-30.

tutoringWho needs tutoring? GRC offers tutoring right here on campus for no charge to the students! For more information come by IP and we will assist you, ask your instructor or adviser.

Best regards, The Housing Team


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April showers, bring May flowers!

Important dates for your students:

Transcrips - Copy

  • April 13th – last day to withdraw and not have class posted to permanent transcript.
  • April 16th – last day for 40% refund of tuition.

EnglishDoes your student want to practice their English, in a fun atmosphere without tests or grades? Do they like hanging out with their friends? Check-out Campus Talk – Tuesdays and Fridays beginning April10th. From 11:30a – 2:00p, located in the Willow Room of the SU building. Free snacks/coffee/tea.   fun.jpg

New Years Water Festival – April 13th from 2 – 4:30p in the Salish Commons. Come experience a Thai and Burmese traditional Water Festival! The water fight is the highlight of the festival and illustrates washing away the bad things of past years. greenriver/edu/campus-life

UW Tacoma - Copy

Is your student thinking about transferring to UW Tacoma? International Student Transfer Tuesday is April 24th. Students will find more information in their IP Student Newsletter.Feedback - CopyWe want your feedback! Have you hosted, or are continuing to host 16 year old students? Housing would like both you and your student(s) to attend our group talks. Tell us how it is going, what would you change, what do you like, what isn’t working, what is working. Students/host families will be separated and have an opportunity to speak freely. It is our goal to continue to grow and improve this program. Please come, have some dinner and chat with us. Wednesday, April 25th from 6-8p. 

April showers

Have a great weekend!

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Spring Has Sprung!

CORE B784.jpg

New students are popping up all over the place! Above are the new Spring quarter students who attended C.O.R.E.

Easter4  Easter2

Easter 1




Many student were able to celebrate their 1st Easter!   

Tomorrow is the Seattle trip for all our new student! Please have your student to the bus circle no later that 9a. They will be gone all day and will return to the bus circle at 5p. Please make arrangements with your student – this will be a really good day for all who attend.

Housing will be to the Kent campus this quarter. If your student would like to meet with us, we will be there Tuesdays, April 17, May 5 and June 5 in room 292. If your student can’t get to the Auburn office to meet with us and they would like to meet with us at another time, please ask them to contact Housing to set up an appointment.

Important dates: April 13 – this is the last day the students may withdraw from a class and not have it post on their permanent transcript. April 16 – this is the last day for a tuition refund, 40%.

Did you set up cell phone/banking with a new student? Please complete this set up process and return the form to Housing by the end of next week. You may mail, email, fax, scan or hand deliver it to Housing, located in IVD. Please make sure your students sign the form!

Have a wonderful weekend. The Housing Team



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