Cell phone theft on the rise

Student with iPhone

Student checks messages on iPhone.

In the past year, we have seen an increase in cell phone theft, especially iPhones. Often the victims of these crimes are international students. Reports from local police departments indicate thieves target young students walking home or waiting for a bus alone wearing ear buds.

Recently, our Vice President, Ross Jennings, provided an article, “Thieves focus on cell phones”  which indicates cell phone theft is not a local problem but a national problem.

Please assist us in educating our students about the need for them to be aware of their surroundings and to keep technology out of sight when traveling to and from school.

To keep students safe, please have them follow these crime prevention tips:

  • Don’t walk alone
  • Carry your laptop and other electronics in a bag
  • Students may utilize the Safety Ride program 253-797-4868
  • Don’t wear ear buds while walking. IPhones have white ear buds indicative of Apple products; robbers know this and key in on these victims.
  • Walk away from suspicious people
  • Ensure your iPhone and other electronic devices is password protected, and you download the “Find my iPhone” program
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