Homestay Shared Expense (AKA “rent”)

Host families are to collect the student’s shared expense on the same date the student arrived each month, at a rate of one month at a time.  The monthly rate is $650.00.  Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for New Student process (remember a new student is picked up at the airport and is studying at Green River for the first time as a long-term student).

Many hosts have asked what the policy is when a student moves in and then tells the host they will move out within the month.  Hosts are concerned about being expected to return a part of the shared expense.  Our policy is as follows: Students that leave before the end of the paid month period will not receive a refund.  In some cases students may request to stay less than a month, such as when a student intends to move at the end of the quarter but the quarter ends a few days after their pay date.  The host family has the option of requesting a full month shared expense ($650) or may collect a daily rate not to exceed $25.00  per day.  This option remains with the host family to be determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the length of stay requested.  Students are making a month-to-month commitment, which means they are not required to give one month notice before moving.

As a reminder, all host families are expected to provide a private room (we do not allow sharing of a room), food for all meals, use of household amenities to include internet hook up and transportation to and from campus.  Families unable to provide transportation are asked to ensure there is only one bus ride or that their transportation is easy to access.  As a final note, regarding the shared expense, the College does not allow hosts to request additional monies for services such as transportation (gas), additional food, utilities, etc.  We ask that you please contact our staff at with any questions you may have.

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