Vacation Policy for Homestay Students

Fall is in full swing and winter will be here before you know it.  Your student may choose to travel between fall and winter quarter, Fall leavesclassified as a short vacation.  For short vacations, students should advise their host family of their vacation plans and will be expected to pay the regular monthly shared expense. During a longer absence, such as leaving for one month or longer, the student should pay half of the shared expense.  For example if the student leaves for 30 days they should pay half of the shared expense for one month.  If they leave for the whole summer quarter they should pay half for the time they are gone.  This allows the student to maintain his/her room and store his/her belongings while vacationing. The host family may not host anyone else while the student is absent from their room.

The student may make other arrangements.  However, should the student choose to not pay their host family and store their belongings elsewhere, they run the risk that their host family may not be available when they return and other housing arrangements will have to be made.

Students may ask you to take them to the airport or pick them up from the airport as a continuing student. You may choose to take them as a courtesy.  Should you wish to charge a fee, the cost associated with being transported to the airport is $50.00 and is the rate a student would pay should they choose to take taxi or shuttle.  It is up to you as to whether to charge your continuing student.

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