King County Metro faces route cuts that could affect Green River Community College


We here at IP Housing want to keep you as informed as much as possible to anything going on in the community that affects you & our students.  Transportation, being one of those issues we like to keep up to date. Currently, before the state legislature is a transportation package that would raise an estimated $140 to $150 million through the motor vehicle excise tax that would affect King County Metro. The statewide proposal is currently stalled in negotiations.

King County Metro bus service is facing route cuts starting mid-2014 that would affect Green River’s main and Enumclaw campuses unless operational funding is approved this session by the state legislature or by King County voters in a proposed transportation package. The ballot measure could head to an election in April or May.

Metro bus routes 164 and 181 that serve the main campus would end service at 9 p.m., an hour earlier than its present schedule. Bus routes 186, 907 and 915, which serve the Enumclaw campus, would operate fewer trips during the day under Metro’s proposed changes. A full list of route changes may be found on Metro’s website.

In addition Metro would raise all fares 25-cents starting March 1, 2015 while reducing fares to $1.50 per trip for qualifying low-income riders using an ORCA card.

We of course will keep our eyes out on this issue & keep you posted.

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