New Housing Team Member

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Please allow me to introduce myself as the new International Programs Housing Assistant at Green River Community College.

My name is Lupita “Pete” Morales. “Pete” is a nickname I got in college many years ago & it has stuck. I enjoy having that nickname because everyone seems to always remember the woman named “Pete”. Please feel comfortable calling me by that.

I have a long history with International students & being one myself. Growing up, my family was a host family so I understand that experience of welcoming someone into your home and making them feel welcome yet independent.  As an adult I was an International student myself in Latin America. That experience is unique in that I was in a different country where no one spoke my native language, I was expected to be a successful student, I was away from my family, friends & everything I knew. It can be an exciting time yet stressful. Please know that I understand your experience as a host family & as the International student. I respect that process, am very conscious & sensitive of its challenges. Having that said it’s the most rewarding and amazing experience one can have! Some 20 years later the International students we hosted in my home still send my mother holiday cards & photos of now their own children & refer to my mother as the “American Grandma”. These students may not have been born into my family but they certainly are family.  I still stay in contact with the family that hosted me in Latin America & plan on visiting them again in the near future so that they may meet my family.

Ever since my family hosted International students I’ve always had a love for that population. I’ve found myself now as an adult, seeking careers in which I can be of service to the International student population.  I’m a AA graduate from GRCC as well as University of Washington graduate with a BA in Psychology.  I have been a Focused Learning Tutor for the IESL International Program here at GRCC since the winter quarter of 2011 and now am a part of the Housing team.

I am very honored to work with such a wonderful group of colleagues, students & Host families. I’m looking forward to working with & getting to know all of you.

Thank you to all of our Host families for being kind, respectful, gracious & sharing your homes with our students. You help make this program the success that it is.



Please feel free to contact me or my team any time!

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