Fun Requirement for New Spring 2014 Students

Host Family – Important (FFS) Information Spring Quarter 2014

Host families are a vital part of students having a good experience at GRCC. You each do a wonderful job giving students their first taste of American life – thank you! In addition to your work we have a program that is also meant to help students create a strong foundation in both their academic and social lives called Foundation for Success (FFS).
FFS is a Peer Mentoring program that is required for any first quarter IESL or 16 & 17 year old academic level students. Students in the program will have a Peer Mentor (second year student) assigned to meet with them throughout the quarter. FFS students have one weekly meeting (called cohort time) with program staff that happens the same day, time, and location each week. They also meet one additional hour per week with their Peer Mentor at a time that is mutually agreed upon between the students and their mentor. These meetings are required. This program runs for the first 8 weeks of the quarter.
Level 1 & 2 IESL students in FFS meet on Tuesday afternoons at 4:00 (immediately following) their IESL classes. There will be a bus that brings them back to main campus which leaves Kent Campus at 5:00 and goes straight to main campus.
There are some required activities for FFS students that will help them get a strong start. We appreciate you supporting students as they may have transportation needs associated with these times. Students are told to talk with their host families about any needs they have for transportation as a result of attending their FFS activities.

If you have any questions please contact Mary Butcher, or 253 833 9111 xt 2183.
Required FFS Events:
• April 22 5:15 – 6:30 Main Dining Hall Auburn Campus – Safe Driving Talk (must attend)
• April 26 OR May 24 1:00 – 2:30 Lea Hill Park – Park Pick-up Project (must attend one)
• Assignment One – going to a meal with Peer Mentor and other students (by week 3)
• Assignment Two – going to an entertainment activity with Peer Mentor and others
Additional FFS Events (strongly encouraged – lots of fun!)
• April 5th OR May 3rd 11:00 – 1:00 CCA Common Area – Cooking Class

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