Host family & New student initial contact

Happy Monday!

One of our new students for Winter Quarter has reached out to their new host family! They love to build that relationship before they arrive; it not only eases their nervousness but their family’s as well.  It also gives the host family a great opportunity to make that connection with their incoming student! If you have a new student, please don’t hesitate to reach out to them, it will benefit everyone involved!

(For confidentiality purposes, I have X’d out sensitive information.)


Dear Mr. XXX and Mrs. XXX,

I’m extremely happy that I have received your email. Thank you very much for notifying me and repaired for me many good things! I really respect that.

My name is XXX and I’m 17 years old. My father’s name is XXX and my mother’s name is XXX. I love my parents a lot. They always love their children. They are business people and they work from morning to evening everyday. I have 2 elder sisters, XXX – 25 years old and XXX – 22 years old. They are very good and i love them too. My family have a cat. Her name is Nho (Grape).

I will arrive in XXX on December the 22nd. My relatives will pick me up and I will stay with them for a few days till December 28th, I will meet you and your family.

I’m looking forward to seeing you and your family! Hopefully I can contact with you and your children more.

May I contact with you on Facebook or Skype?

My Facebook’s address is XXX.

And my Skype address is XXX.

I wish you have a nice day and a next wonderful holliday!

See you then!

Best wishes,


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