Spring Availability Questionaire

Happy Spring to all of our host families!

As most of you know your housing team sent out this quarters “Availability Questionnaire” to your emails. Here’s some Q&A about that email that we hope you’ll find helpful.

Q: Why is it so important that we fill this out EVERY SINGLE quarter especially if there have not been any changes?
A: Because every quarter we have to have an address for all our students who are in GRC housing program for immigration purposes.

Q: Why do I always have to have my students ID numbers to give to you?
A: Because we don’t know their American nicknames & we need confirmation from you what specific students are living in your home.  Student ID is the easiest way for our record keeping.

Q: If I have 3 bedrooms available but I only want 1 student this quarter, is that ok? What if I want to change from hosting girls to boys or vice versa?
A: Of course you can make any changes at any time!  It’s your home & we respect whatever you wish.  You can change your preferences at any time, no problem.  The Availability Questionnaire is a great time to let us know of any changes you want.  Remember, you can always change your mind again.  No problem.

Q: Does my GRC housing team like to receive chocolate & flowers as gifts???
A: Why yes, yes they do!!  🙂

Also, this Availability Questionnaire email time is a great opportunity so share any stories with us.  We love hearing what wonderful experiences you all have.  It means a lot to us & reminds us why we love our careers!
Here’s an example from the Meek family, “We will have had Beyond & Kevin for one year as of March. They are such kind young men very respectful we really enjoy having them and my kids call them like brothers. It’s such a fun experience. We plan to treat them to dinner at Applebee’s for their one year anniversary to celebrate one year in America. This is so exciting for us! “

If you did not receive an Availability Questionnaire from us, please check your junkbox in your email or email us at housing@greenriver.edu and we’ll be happy to send you one.

We cannot tell you all enough how much we appreciate your dedication to GRC students & program.  You all are thought of fondly!

IP Housing Team

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