Host Family Reminders

Greetings Host Families!!

The Housing Team wanted to give you a few reminders about Hosting Students;

  • A successful host family is flexible and open-minded. They must be willing to share themselves and provide a safe, loving home for their international student. A good host family believes that hosting a student is a rewarding and mutually beneficial experience for themselves and their student….NOT a moneymaking venture.

Example:  Invite your student to become part of your family. Even if they turned you down on your invite to your kids soccer game the last 2 times, doesn’t mean they don’t want to go this time.

  • Each quarter is different. Fall and Winter are the busiest. There are fewer students looking for housing during Spring and Summer, so your room may be empty at some point during the year. We never guarantee to fill all of the rooms in your home and we cannot make the students stay.

Example: Do not count on this as income. It is unreliable as an income source and we cannot guarantee you will have students. The students can always tell when a host is doing this for the money and they will move out and complain to their friends and the housing staff.

  • Communication with the IPEL Housing Team is CRUCIAL!!

Example: If your student is moving, transferring or taking a quarter off; please be responsible and communicate with Housing, directly.

  • Do not move a student into your home without notifying IP Housing.
  1. Immigration requires that we have a record of student’s address
  2. Students with a negative history may be removed from the program.
  3. Student may not be attending GRC.
  4. Student may not be part of the IP Housing Program.
  • If a student is not in our program and moves into your home it is grounds for the host family to be dismissed from the IP Housing program.

Example: There are logistics such as immigration status which can become problematic if you recruit on your own.

  • Hosting student(s) from another school/program is also grounds for immediate dismissal from the Housing Program

All of these reminders can be found in our Host Family Manual!

Please e-mail if you have any questions or concerns!!

-The IPEL Housing Team

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