Policy Refresher: Student’s commit to one month at a time

Greetings wonderful host families!

This month’s policy refresher is about students’ living in your home. When students’ arrive, they receive a host family/student expectation card (this information is also on the host family/student agreement form). On these documents, it states that the student pays the host family one month at a time; we ask the students to give notice that they are moving out, but it is not required. We understand it is disruptive for your family if the student doesn’t give a reasonable time frame that they are moving out. As a housing program, there is no way to guarantee a student will stay with you. This is to protect you, as a host family. If there was a situation, where the student’s behavior was a disturbance the peace of your family; you have the right to contact housing to have the student placed with a different host family. When you, as a host, agree to our program, you’re agreeing and signing to the statement that students commit to a month to month basis and that the Housing Team can never guarantee students in your home.

Please email housing@greenriver.edu if you have any questions or concerns!

-IPEL Housing Department

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