Policy Refresher

Hello wonderful host families!

This month our policy refresher is about picking up new students from the airport!! 

Monday, June 15th is the official arrival day for Summer quarter students.

Some tips to remember when picking your student up from Sea-Tac airport:

  • Be at the airport on time by checking the student’s airline 2 hours prior to arrival.
  • Most students will have to go through customs. The customs process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Bring a sign with the student’s name on it in large print.
  • Most students arrive at international baggage claim #1. If your student arrives on a domestic flight. They will be at the baggage claim for the domestic flight.
  • Print out the airport greeter form we emailed. The student needs to sign it.
  • Parents arriving with students should have been announced in advance.
    1. Parents can participate in a parent orientation.
    2. Guest Services assists families with hotel reservations. IPGuestServices@greenriver.edu
    3. Families must not stay with the host family during their stay. It is in everyone’s best interest to adhere to this policy.
    4. Families may take a taxi or shuttle to the hotel. If the host transports the family a $50.00 per person fee may be charged and collected by the host family. They are notified of this fee in advance.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Bring your patience and a smile. Plan on picking up your student yourself; first impressions are hard to overcome!!

(Click image to see the Host Family Manual)

Please email any questions or concerns to Housing@greenriver.edu 

-Your IPEL Housing Team

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