Ramadan 2015

“The month of Ramadan has commenced! Muslims around the world witness and perform fasting. Ramadan is considered the most consecrated month in the Islamic calendar year; Muslims acknowledge the Quran’s revelation. During this time, Muslims embark a physical and spiritual journey to renew their faith.

Every day during Ramadan, fasting begins from sunrise and ends at sunset. One of Ramadan’s purposes is to promote compassion & acceptance towards others; hence being coined the, “Month of Mercy”. The physical portion of fasting, foregoing food and beverage consumption, reflects how strong one’s spirituality and faith is during the time of sacrifice. Muslims believe to experience hunger and thirst aims to increase one’s awareness and consideration towards others; being mindful of those less fortunate and needy. The significance and rewards of fasting comprises virtuous and honorable conduct and improved acts of charity and kindness. Ramadan is a dedication to achieving a higher power conscious, cleansing the body, renewing the spirit, and purifying the heart.

Below are a few recommendations for everyone to consider this month:

Muslim students may choose to fast while others may not; depending on students’ faith involvement.

  • Muslim students will be fasting for seventeen hours; may affect energy levels or extent of participation in class.
  • Allow Muslim students to take a moment to conclude their fast during evening classes.
  • Educators can accommodate Eid Al-Fitr, the holiday commemorating the end of the month of Ramadan.  This day lands on July 17.  In addition, scheduled tests or important assignments should be completed before or after the holiday.”

Click the picture to learn more about Ramadan!


-Your IPEL Housing Team

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