$10 starbucks card for HF referral

Congratulations, Host Families!

You’re known around the world for being caring, welcoming and friendly host families! Green River is ranked 8th in the NATION for our International Program and we couldn’t be where we are without you!

And we need your help, again!

We are giving away $10.00 Starbucks gift cards to host families who refer new host families to us before October 29th. We are holding host family orientations every Thursday through October 29th in Building IVC, Room 101 at 6:30pm so your friends have the opportunity to come and hear more about our program.

Ask your referral to write your name on the top of their host family application. We will send gift cards to host families once their referral has been approved.

Thank you again for all you do!!

-Your Housing Team

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2 Responses to $10 starbucks card for HF referral

  1. Mien Do says:

    I’m a new host families. My English is little. I have 2 room to share for new students. How can I do? Please help me

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