GRC has the best host families!!

The Housing Team wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful host family for Green River International Students!

We understand the time, commitment and dedication not only to host a student, but to have such a positive impact in their college experience .

As a host family, you not only represent Green River College or Washington State, but you also represent the United States!

So, thank you again for being such generous host parents!

We also wanted to give a few reminders about the bedroom expectations for hosting a Green River International Student:

  • The room must have:
    • a door
    • a bed, bed frame and mattress (gently used)         
      • Futons are not satisfactory
    • a dresser and/or closet (if the room does not have a dresser, the closet must have an organization system for the students clothes)
    • a window with blinds and/or curtains
    • linens & pillow (gently used)
  • If the room is on the second floor, there must be an escape ladder
  • Only one student per room

Please see the examples below:

bedroom1 bedroom2 bedroom3

Thank you, again for all you do!

-Your IPEL Housing Team

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