Summer Availability

It’s time to get those swimsuits, BBQ grills & the sunblock out!!! Happy (almost) Summer!!

A couple of things before we get to the summer availability:

  • Mark your calendar for the afternoon of August 6th, 2016 for a IP Host Family Reunion, we expect your presence, so we can introduce our new housing members!!  More info to come in June.
  • We’ll be assigning Summer quarter students next week, so we need you to reply back to this email by Thursday, May 5th.
  • Arrival day for our long term students is June 14th, 2016


*** Please note that we do not have many long term students for Summer Quarter. You might want to consider a short term program student! We have 5 short term programs for Summer Quarter this year (about 4-6 weeks)!! Remember STP’s require a little more from you; in that the students are to be dropped off/picked up daily.  We ask that you spend a little extra time hanging out & touring around with these students since they will only be here a couple of weeks. With that said, you are compensated a bit more than a long term student!***

Please copy & paste the following information. Fill it out & email it back to us.  Even if you have the same students from last quarter staying with you & there are no changes

PLEASE FILL OUT THE AVAILABILITY.  We need confirmation that you still have these students in your home every quarter. 

  1. How many available long term openings do you have?
    1. When will you have these rooms available?
  2. Male or Female or Both?
  3. Would you like to be considered for Short Term Programs this Summer?
  4. Any home changes; kids, pets, family … any changes of who’s living in the home, or has your son/daughter turned 18?
  5. Students (include their Student ID number) currently living with you.
  6. Phone number or email changes?

Thank you again, for being such a wonderful host family!  We greatly appreciate all that you do!

Your Housing Team,

Cyndi, Emilee, Theresa and Amber

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