Availability emails have been sent out!


This past week the Housing team sent out our availability emails. Please respond with your availability by Thursday, May 10th. Please respond EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT AVAILABLE  FOR SPRING QUARTER.    Thank you to all who already responded!

Upcoming GRC student activities:  If you or your students are interested, please contact Green River website, Campus Life:  http://www.greenriver.edu/campus-life.htm

  • Friday, May 12th: Roller skating, 7p-10p
  • Saturday, May 13th: Columbia Gorge Hike/Outlet Shopping, 7a-8:30p
  • Sunday, May 14th: Color Run, 6:30a-12p
  • Saturday, May 20th: Petpalooza Volunteering, 8a-3p
  • Saturday, May 20th & 21st: Lake Wenatchee Camping, (time not decided yet)
  • Saturday, May 27th: Wale Watching and Friday Harbor visit, 6a-9p
  • Saturday, May 27th: Sounders vs. Timbers, 10a-4p

Have a wonderful weekend!

Annie Jose Family



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