Week 4 – Long term student placement has been completed.

Greetings from the Housing Team!

Yes, we are finishing up week 4. That means our new summer students arrive in 4 weeks! June 20, 2017. We have placed all of our long term students and will be placing additional short term students next week. There are not a lot of long term students attending for summer quarter. If you are considering hosting a short term student and haven’t already told us – please let us know asap.

Please click on the link below to see the 2017-2018 important dates for all host families.

2017-2018 Host Family Calendar

Upcoming Student Life Activities: The weather is beautiful – hopefully everyone is able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.  Have your students contact Student Life for fun activities. http://www.campusce.net/grcc-campuslife/course/EventDetail. Below are a list of upcoming campus sponsored events:

  • 5/27/2017: Seattle Sounders Soccer 9:30a-4p, $20.00
  • 5/27/2017: Indoor Rock Climbing, Seattle, 9a-1:30p, $12.00
  • 6/3/2017: Rattlesnake Ledge Hike, Cascade Mountains, 9a-4p, $5.00
  • 6/20, 6/22, 6/27, 6/29: Learn to Row 1, Lake Washington, 5:30p-8:45p, $25.00

Memorial Day, Monday, May 29, 2017 – Memorial Day is a day for remembering those who died in active military service. Thank you to all of you who have served our country.memorial-day-flag-images






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