If you’re reading this….

Jude 1 The Grand Canyon, Arizona


If you are reading this then I know you not only check your emails but you also click on the link to visit our weekly host post. Thank you!

If you are reading this maybe you could encourage your students to check their GRC email. We had a student come into the IP office. Jude spotted him and went out to talk to him. Jude had been trying to communicate with him via email and he never responded. The students claimed he never got an email from Housing. So Jude asked him to open his GRC email at that time and guess what? Not only 4 emails from Jude but 242 emails from GRC that were never looked at! Remind your students that emails that come from GRC are priorities. By not checking emails they could be dropped from a class, miss out on a fun activity, miss many different updates from their Advisor – such as registration time!

Language exchange2018Information sent in the Weekly Advisor News Letter

If you are reading this post you get the opportunity to see some beautiful photo’s Jude took on his vacation to Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon!

Jude3Antelope Canyon, Arizona

If you are reading this email you know that Preliminary Placement began this week. If you received an email regarding placement,  please respond asap! No – we are so sorry but you all will not get a new student. We wish we had enough students to fill all rooms but we won’t. Please be patient with us as we place. We are doing our best to be fair to all.

Peer Volunteers2018If you are reading this maybe you could mention the Peer Volunteer opportunities on campus. There are IEP and Academic Peer Volunteer positions for Spring & Summer 2018. If your student hasn’t already picked up their application form they need to go to IVD right away and get going on it. Applications are due by 5p Monday, February 26!

Jude 2 Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Have a wonderful weekend! Will there be more snow?

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GRC will be closed February 19th

Lunar New YearWhat are your students doing tonight? Hopefully they are attending the much anticipated, highly attended Lunar New Year celebration. 7:30-11:30p in the Student Union building on the main Auburn GRC campus.

Pres DayThere will be NO classes on Monday, February 19th and ALL GRC campus’ will be closed.

Pt Defiance ParkWhat are you doing over this long weekend? Are you tired of taking your student to the mall? Have you considered a walk on any of the many WA beaches?  These three students are enjoying their time down at Pt Defiance beach in Tacoma.

early-spring-clipart-19Preliminary placement will begin next week.  With that said, there are a few things you should know:

  • If you did not reply to our Availability email, you are not on our Spring list.
  • There will not be enough new students for every host family. We will do our best to be fair with placement.

16As you know – 16 year old students are committed to living with their host family for a quarter at a time. How is that going? Is it time for your student to move on? Is your student asking to move? Now would be the time to contact Housing about these changes if you want to be available for another student.

Bjorn in AsiaThe world keeps getting smaller and smaller and you never know who you’ll meet next! This amazing host mom and one of our outstanding Marketers sat next to each other on their recent trip to Seoul!

winterWinter isn’t over yet! The forecast is calling for wind, rain, power outages and even snow this weekend. Hopefully you have signed up for safety alerts. https://www.greenriver.edu/campus/campus-safety/emergency-safety-alerts/

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Don’t forget to send in your Spring Availability.

Thank you to those of you who have sent in your response to the Spring Quarter  Availability email. Many of you have yet to respond. Please reply this weekend – even if you do not have any current opening.

This is how one of our YEAR students is spending her time. She stars as Elaine in the production of “Arsenic and Old Lace”.

Upcoming events on the main GRC campus:

Student questions:

  • “What are the rules for host families? Do they have to buy the toilet paper and laundry soap?” Housing: Yes, this is included in your monthly shared living expense, but you are responsible for your personal hygiene products such as shower gel and toothpaste.
  • “I feel lonely and not wanted at my host families home. Aren’t I suppose to be part of the family?” Yes. We know one of the reasons you live with a host family is because of the interaction. One of the ways you improve your English speaking skills is by talking. This is one of the reasons we ask host families to eat the evening meal with their students. It is not always possible to eat dinner together every night but hopefully they are spending the majority of the evening meals with you. Host- please take time to eat with your student, invite them to go to the grocery store, a movie, to watch your child/grandchildren’s sporting events ect.

Host questions:

  • “My student did not tell us she was planning to move until the night before she moved. This just isn’t right!” Housing agrees with you. The nice, respectable thing to do is to give someone notice that you are planning to move. Believe me – we do ask the students to let you know as soon as they know. Sometimes they say that they can’t because you will get mad or angry. We tell them that you definitely won’t be happy if they leave without notice. Since the students (and hosts) do not sign a contract (except for those in the 16 year old program) they are not required to give a notice. Please keep the lines of communication open with your student, talk about this situation, explain to them how it would make you feel if this happened to you/them. Another thing to remember is – we can never guarantee a student in your home or how long they will stay. Please think about why you are hosting and if you are hosting for financial reasons -> you take a big risk of not having students in your home when you “need” them.

Don’t forget this fun activity tomorrow!

20th Annual New Year Celebration 1-2018

Have a wonderful weekend! We just might get some outdoor weather, enjoy.

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The countdown has started!

Student Fun!

Did you know that we are 8 weeks out before our new Spring students arrive?! What does this mean for you:

  • Housing will be sending out the Availability email the week of February 5th.
    • Spring availability responses are due by February 12th.
  • You will only be on the Spring availability placement spreadsheet IF you reply.
    • even if you are already on the Winter availability list, you MUST reply.
  • This is our time to update our database. There are 7 questions on this email to respond to. We need this information. Please avoid saying ->
    • “no changes”, “nothings new”, “same as I told you a month ago”, “all updated”, “I called you last week”.
    • my student “Sam” moved out. Who is Sam – please use students legal name and the date when they moved out.
  • If you are interested in increasing the number of students you have been approved for – please include a photo of the new room.
  • Official arrival day is March 27th. This is the “official” day. Some students will arrive earlier. If we place a new student with you and they intend to arrive early, we will let you know as soon as we know.
  • Also – we have a lot of host families. Not everyone who wants a new student will get one Spring quarter. We do our best to be fare with placement.

Faculty in-service day: Tuesday, February 6th.  NO IEP or ACADEMIC DAY CLASSES

Please watch for your emails and contact Housing with any questions or  concerns.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Where does time go?

Greetings to all!

Our new students, who arrived Winter quarter, have been here nearly a month! WOW! Hopefully everyone is settling in well and you are all adjusting to each other, a new routine and life on a college campus.

Now that everyone has been here at least a month or more, your student (17 years and older) may want to change host families. Don’t take it personally and please be sure to notify Housing if your student shows interest in moving. Don’t assume that they informed Housing.

Below: Students enjoying the GRC snow tubing trip to Snoqualmie Pass. Also one of our host family’s went snow shoeing!  So, what have you been up to? Do you have any fun outdoor or indoor activities to share with the rest of us?

Below is information of up-coming activities in our extended neighborhoods.

20th Annual New Year Celebration 1-2018

For detailed information, please contact the GRC Student Union in room 240 of the SU building.

  • Ski Trip – 1/27/2018
  • Katy Perry Concert – 2/3/2018
  • Point Defiance Hike – 2/3/2018
  • Ski Trip – 2/10/2018
  • Asian Pacific Cultural Center – 2/10/2018 (free, information above)
  • Ted Talk – 2/16/2018
  • Lunar New Year – 2/16/2018
  • Ski Trip – 2/24/2018
  • Space Needle Trip – 2/24/2018

Please feel free to contact the Housing office if there is anything we can assist with or if you have something to share.

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Winter Quarter 2018!

Welcome to winter quarter! We made it. There were a few arrival glitches, a few stumbling blocks but over all we feel it all went great!  Thank you to all of you, thank you to those who stepped up at the last minute to bring a parent to the hotel. Thank you to those of you who waited so patiently at the airport and your student didn’t show up or they decided to call a friend. Thank you for your happy smiling faces at the airport, thank you for remembering to bring your sign, you even brought a snack for your students to munch on while you waited for your other student.Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Those of you who have students at the Kent campus – Your students can’t always get to Auburn campus to see us, please let them know that Housing will be in Kent on Thursday, January 11th from 11a – 1:30p. We will have  “Lunch with Housing”. At that time we will go over Housing information, inform them of the days we will be in Kent, and basically share IP Housing information with them. Plus – we will bring them lunch! Who doesn’t enjoy a free lunch!

Thank you to all of you who are hosting 16 year olds this quarter. We had our mandatory orientation/contract meeting this past Tuesday. Some of you missed this meeting. Please check for an email from us and please come into the office with your student to review the policies and sign the contract.

Did your student buy an ORCA card at orientation? Academic students will not have an opportunity to go to King County Metro in Seattle during their Seattle trip on Saturday, January 6, 2018.

  • If your student is 16-18 years of age they can purchase a discounted student ORCA pass at the Seattle office.
  • Please call the main Seattle office for hours and locations.
    • 888-988-6722 or 206-477-6066
  • The discount is not available to students 19 and older. They can purchase their pass online at orcacard.com or most local Safeway and Bartell stores.

IEP students will get to visit King County Metro during their Seattle trip on Friday, January 5th, 2018.

Have a wonderful week – remember campus will be closed on Monday, January 15th for Martin Luther King Jr day.

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Arrival Day, December 27, 2017

Yes, can you believe it, arrival day is in 5 days!  Students began arriving this week and a few are arriving over the weekend. Thank you to all who agreed to pick up your students during the holiday.

This is an exciting time for our students and can also be scary. I can’t imagine traveling alone to a new country, not knowing what to expect. Maybe not even knowing the language. I am sure they are wondering all about their host family. Will I like them, will they like me? Will they have pets, will they have strict rules, what if I don’t like their food, what will I call them, do they live close to campus? And then they are traveling alone. Our students are so brave, so much braver than I ever was at their age.

Host families are also excited, full of anticipation. Maybe even a bit scared. Maybe you have never been a host before and you too don’t know what to expect. Will the student fit well into your family, will they like your cooking? Will they participate in all the activities you have planned????? Hmmm – we never know until they get here. Remember that each students individuality is different. They may be out-going, love to sit around visiting with you, they may be quite, love spending time in their room on the computer. They may love your pets and your children. They may not have told us they are allergic to pets. They may not need any guidance from you or you may need to remind them to shut the front door as they leave for the day. We never know do we. That is half the challenge/fun of this hosting experience.

Some of us from Green River assisted with the Auburn Food Bank this morning delivering Holiday food baskets. The food bank is always looking for volunteers – this may be an activity you could do together with your student.

Please feel free to contact Housing over the break if you have any questions or concerns. We will be back in the office on Tuesday, December 26th. We will all be out of the office on arrival day, December 27th. We will either be at the airport or at the Campus Corner apartments greeting students. If you have any arrival questions please be sure to call the arrival phone at 253-740-0874. If you have a Housing emergency please call the emergency line at 253-740-8422.

Do you know anyone interested in hosting? Please pass on our information. The next orientation for prospective host families will be Thursday, January 4th at 6:30p on the main GRC Auburn campus, building IVC room 101.

The Housing Team would like to wish each and everyone of you a wonderful holiday.

  • Cyndi, Amber, Emilee, Theresa, Jude and Ron
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