If April showers bring May flowers. What do October storms bring? Green soggy grass…….

Greetings, can you believe all this rain. Some of us are already experiencing power outages. Be sure you have batteries in your flashlights!

Now would be a good time to sign up for the campus safety alerts if you haven’t already. If you have, please check your status to be sure it is still active. By signing up you will receive text and/or email notifications regarding GRC closures and safety related information. Such as: no power on campus – classes cancelled or postponed. Campus closed due to snow or wind (we have lots of trees on campus). This alert system is for everyone –  host families, students, faculty and staff. Click the link below to stay informed.                                                                                https://www.greenriver.edu/campus/campus-safety/emergency-safety-alerts/

Frequently asked questions:

Student: “I don’t have a study desk in my bedroom, does my host family have to provide one?”

Housing: No. Each student must have a private, quite study area. If there is not a desk in your bedroom their must be a study area somewhere in the home where you can study without being disturbed.

Host family: “My 16 year old student came home today and told me Housing said he could ride the bus to the mall on Saturday. I thought 16 year olds could not ride the bus”?

Housing: That is correct. Host families are required to drive their student to GRC during the school week and for all sanctioned school activities. Students are allowed to ride the bus or take a Uber on the weekend if they would like. Please be sure to go over safety awareness with your student and keep communication open. Where are they going? Who are they going with? Ask them to text you when they arrive and when they are on their way home.

In-Service Day:

  • Wednesday, October 25th
  • No day class for all academic and IEP students
  • Yes, night classes beginning at 4p

Advising Day:

  • Tuesday, October 31st
  • No day or evening classes for academic student
  • Yes, there will be class for all IEP students

I think it is going to be an indoor kind of weekend. Maybe some board games, baking, pop corn and a movie.

Its raining

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Mid October – how can it be?

It has come to our attention that some of you are unaware of some of the policies required to be a Host Family. With that said we have decided to mention the frequently asked questions every week.

  • I thought my host family had to provide all my food and cook my meals. They say they only have to provide dinner. Is this true?
    • It is a requirement that host family’s provide all the food for the student. The host must have food available for the student to make their own breakfast and lunch. Yes, you may prepare these meals also if you wish. The host is required to prepare the students dinner. We ask that this is a “family style” meal. Hopefully you are able to sit down to a meal with your student. This is a great time for them to work on their English and for you to learn about how they are doing. Are they making friends, going to class, are they struggling with something???
  • What if I don’t like cereal for breakfast and cold sandwiches for lunch? Can’t I have something else?
    • This is a big issue for a lot of our students. They are not familiar with common breakfast and lunch foods in the US. We always ask them if they have talked to their host about this. Sometimes they have and sometimes they feel like they can’t “bother you because you are so busy” or “they are never home in the morning”, “they show me what I can have but I don’t know how to cook it.” When I ask students what they are accustom to eating for breakfast they will say noodles or rice, maybe some fruit/vegetables, maybe some meats.
    • Please check with your student, ask their preferences, ask what they would usually eat at their home. Maybe you already have the food in the kitchen, they just don’t know it. Please take the time to teach them how to cook what it is they like. Our students aren’t accustom to leftovers. They may say “we always have to eat the same food everyday” but what they really mean is you serve left overs occasionally. Please communicate with your student, explain to them some of our cultural differences.
    • We aren’t asking you to change your way of eating but we are asking that you accommodate when you can.
    • Fall drive over Chinook Pass Scenic drive-Chinook Pass

What’s happening on campus:

Clubs: There are over 30 clubs on campus! If your student is interested in something it is most likely being offered or possibly they can organize a new club. For more club information – ask  your student to go to the Student Life office located in the SU building.

Campus Talk: Students enjoy chatting/playing board games with local volunteers and student leaders. Free snacks and beverages. Every Tuesday and Friday from 11:30a-2p in the SU building, Willow Room.

Transfer Information Session: Is your student looking to transfer to a 4-year university? Ask them to attend the transfer session Wednesday, October 18th at 11a or 12p in the  SA building, room 149.

International Transfer Fair: Your student can meet with over 115 colleges and universities in one day! Monday, October 23rd at 2p in the SU building.

Happy hosting from the Housing office!

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Week 2 of classes

Camping trip B782Greetings,

Believe it or not, summer is over and fall is here! We are fortunate to have so many  trees on campus – the fall colors are amazing! The temperature for the weekend is suppose to be in the high 60’s, hopefully you will all be able to take advantage and get out and do some fun activities.

How is it going in your home with your students? Many of you have new students. Are you all settling in to your routines? Remember that Housing is here for you and your students if you are having any difficulties adjusting.

We were able to see many of your students this week. We had two gatherings. One was Lunch Bytes with the students on Auburn campus. About 50 students attended our presentation and enjoyed Panda Express for lunch. Then we went to Kent campus and met with about 50 students and enjoyed Domino’s pizza. The students had great questions and comments. Most seem to be adjusting well in their new classes. Some of them are so funny!

Your student may move: They are making new friends and learning the area.

  • As you know – new students are committed to staying with their host family for one month. Some are showing an interest to change host families. Please don’t take this personal.
  • Notify Housing if your student is moving. Even if you have asked the student to tell us, it is also your responsibility to notify us.
  • Once your student officially moves out – tell us. We will not put you on the availability list until they actually move.
  • If they are 16 – they are committed to your home for the entire quarter. If your student turns 17 in the middle of the quarter, they are still considered 16 and may not move.
  • If your students is under the age of 18, they are a minor and may not move out of Housing without their parents permission. They must come into housing and sign a release form.
  • Even though we try – sometimes it isn’t a good match. If this is the case with you and your student please communicate this with us. We are here to assist you, we will do our best to make it better, but if it isn’t working you need to tell us so we can move the student. It is our goal to make living with a host family wonderful for the student, but it also needs to be good for you and your family.

Have a great weekend!


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Welcome to Fall 2017!

 Congratulations on making it through the first two weeks!  We hope everyone is off to a great start.

Housing has a few reminders to share with you:

  • Only charge your student for the shared living expense. Remember it is not to be paid in advance.
    • New or continuing students 17 years old or older – $725 per month beginning on their move-in anniversary date
      • If your new student has not yet paid for September, they should pay $625 as the $100 deposit comes directly from GRC.
    • Continuing students who are 16 years old – $725 per month beginning on their move in anniversary date.
      • 16 year old students, who were here before fall quarter, do not fall into the new 16 year old program. They do not require the additional services and do not pay the higher shared living expense.
    • New 16 year old students – $850 per month beginning on their move-in anniversary date. Remember, these students are committed to staying in your home for the entire quarter. They may pay  monthly or all at the beginning of the quarter.
      • If your new 16 year old student has not yet paid for September, they should pay $750 as the $100 deposit comes directly from GRC.
  • Transportation is required for newly arrived students during orientation and the first week of classes. Please make sure your new students learn their bus route this week if they will be taking a bus going forward.
  • 16 year old students may not take the bus to and from school. You must drive your student daily – unless you are within walking distance of a 10-15 minute walk.

Arrival Day Reminders:

  • Host families are expected to pick up their new students. This is a host family requirement. When needed, we will move the student to a host family who can provide pickup service.
  • Be on time. Students on several flights arrived, went through customs and secured their luggage before their host family or greeter showed up to the airport.
    • We give you the flight details for a reason. Please check the flight status, plan to park and come baggage claim #1. There were a few host families who called to let us know that they were sitting in traffic; but on their way. Thank you! We like being able to tell your student you are on your way.
  • Host families get a lot of communication from housing and we realize that you are all busy. Please read the emails. They contain important information such as where to go to get your student’s cell phone and banking set up and whether your student is meeting you at their hotel, not the airport. We try to share with you all the details we have, please take the time to read the email.

Photo’s from Orientation, CORE and Welcome week:

If you have a new 16 year old students – don’t forget to send in your weekly survey, due by October 1st. Please also remind your students that theirs is also due this weekend.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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Welcome to September!

Greetings from the Housing Team,

  • We have begun to send out new students packets.
    • If you have a new student arriving for Fall quarter – please be watching your mail.
  • We are waiting on arrival information.
    • If your new student has contacted you with their arrival information – please send it to Housing so we can verify we have it also.
  • Monday is a holiday –
    • There may be a slight delay in the arrival of your deposit checks. We are currently working to get them out to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.
  • The Puyallup Fair begins today!
    • September 1st – 24th.
    • Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesday September 6th

Enjoy this holiday weekend, stay safe and cool.

Fair fun It’s time to experience Elephant Ears!

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Arrival Day count down – 18 days!

The Solar Eclipse! Hopefully everyone was able to view some of the eclipse. There were so many great pictures, I thought I would share this one of Jude! jude-e1503687429564.jpg

Did you see the eclipse shadows coming through the trees?

Eclipse Shadow

Placement is still happening. Thank you for your patience and quick response to emails.

Next week we will begin sending placement packets with the new student information. Please watch your mailbox.

The next prospective host family orientation will be until October 5th. If you would like to go over the 16 year old information or you know of someone who is interested in hosting feel free to contact Housing and we will do our best to set up a one on one meeting for you.

What are you doing for break? Anything fun and interesting you would like to share? Photo’s of your family and students?

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Week 4!

Greetings to all our amazing Host families!

Can you believe our new Fall quarter students arrive in less than 4 weeks! The Housing team is busy with placement. If you have not been notified regarding a new student, don’t worry placements will be continuing next week also. It is our goal to place at least one student with all of you who have rooms available.

What is your preference in hosting? Do you prefer females only? Would you consider hosting a male? Please be aware that we have twice as many female bed openings compared to male and if you are willing to host a male student – your chances for a new student just got higher! If you are interested in hosting males please contact Emilee.

Please stay in communication with the Housing team. We would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Do you have any suggestions for other hosts? Any fun ideas you would like to share?

The Solar Eclipse is this weekend! Hopefully the sky will be clear and we will all get to witness this amazing sight! Have a fabulous weekend!


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