Here comes the sun!


Advising Day for all Academic students – Wednesday, April 25th. 9a-6p in the Student Union. There will also be workshops to assist your student with scholarship applications, degree planning. Also an opportunity to win a reserved parking space for one quarter!!!



Have you or are you currently hosting 16 year old student? – Don’t forget about the meeting. Wednesday, April 25th from 6-8p. We are looking for your comments and feedback about our 16 year old program. We can’t improve or make changes if we don’t know what is needed. This meeting is for both host families and your student. We will provide your dinner!

Adivisng dayUpcoming Career Fair for your students Tuesday May 1st from 10a-1p in the Student Union!

spring activitiesSpring events for more information please check with Student Life located in SU

  • April 25th – Chihuly Art Museum
  • April 26th – PACFEST, traditional dance/music from the Pacific Islands
  • April 28th – Soos Creek Botanical Gardens – volunteer opportunity
  • May 12th – Horse Riding Camp
  • May 13th – Chinese Theater
  • May 22nd – Taylor Swift concert

new documentIs your student looking for a job? How about working in the IP office – applications are available for pick up at the front desk in the IP building. Applications being accepted April 16-30.

tutoringWho needs tutoring? GRC offers tutoring right here on campus for no charge to the students! For more information come by IP and we will assist you, ask your instructor or adviser.

Best regards, The Housing Team


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April showers, bring May flowers!

Important dates for your students:

Transcrips - Copy

  • April 13th – last day to withdraw and not have class posted to permanent transcript.
  • April 16th – last day for 40% refund of tuition.

EnglishDoes your student want to practice their English, in a fun atmosphere without tests or grades? Do they like hanging out with their friends? Check-out Campus Talk – Tuesdays and Fridays beginning April10th. From 11:30a – 2:00p, located in the Willow Room of the SU building. Free snacks/coffee/tea.   fun.jpg

New Years Water Festival – April 13th from 2 – 4:30p in the Salish Commons. Come experience a Thai and Burmese traditional Water Festival! The water fight is the highlight of the festival and illustrates washing away the bad things of past years. greenriver/edu/campus-life

UW Tacoma - Copy

Is your student thinking about transferring to UW Tacoma? International Student Transfer Tuesday is April 24th. Students will find more information in their IP Student Newsletter.Feedback - CopyWe want your feedback! Have you hosted, or are continuing to host 16 year old students? Housing would like both you and your student(s) to attend our group talks. Tell us how it is going, what would you change, what do you like, what isn’t working, what is working. Students/host families will be separated and have an opportunity to speak freely. It is our goal to continue to grow and improve this program. Please come, have some dinner and chat with us. Wednesday, April 25th from 6-8p. 

April showers

Have a great weekend!

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Spring Has Sprung!

CORE B784.jpg

New students are popping up all over the place! Above are the new Spring quarter students who attended C.O.R.E.

Easter4  Easter2

Easter 1




Many student were able to celebrate their 1st Easter!   

Tomorrow is the Seattle trip for all our new student! Please have your student to the bus circle no later that 9a. They will be gone all day and will return to the bus circle at 5p. Please make arrangements with your student – this will be a really good day for all who attend.

Housing will be to the Kent campus this quarter. If your student would like to meet with us, we will be there Tuesdays, April 17, May 5 and June 5 in room 292. If your student can’t get to the Auburn office to meet with us and they would like to meet with us at another time, please ask them to contact Housing to set up an appointment.

Important dates: April 13 – this is the last day the students may withdraw from a class and not have it post on their permanent transcript. April 16 – this is the last day for a tuition refund, 40%.

Did you set up cell phone/banking with a new student? Please complete this set up process and return the form to Housing by the end of next week. You may mail, email, fax, scan or hand deliver it to Housing, located in IVD. Please make sure your students sign the form!

Have a wonderful weekend. The Housing Team



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Fun but busy week of orientation

CCA 784 Housing’s student employees having fun on arrival day.CCA B784 2B784 Welcome


Yes, our students arrived! Housing would like to personally thank all of the greeters and host families who were at the airport, waiting patiently (some very patiently) for their students. We had a few glitches, a few unexpected arrivals, a few who came early & late. Most everyone had a sign, most everyone was on time and most everyone truly greeted their student with a warm welcoming hello. Thank you!!!

Lunch in Muk B783 What are you doing over Spring break? These girls went with their host dad for lunch at Ivars in Mukilteo!

Housing took the new CCA students to Walmart on the City bus. 52 of us plus the riders who didn’t know what they were in for 🙂Walmart Bus B784Walmart B784




Students relaxing, just finishing lunch and waiting to head out to C.O.R.E. A total of 79 student were on the bus headed for their overnight!

Orientation B7843Orientation B784Orientatioin B784 3Orientation B784 2

Housing had a mandatory meeting last night for all host who host 16 year old students and your students. We knew some of you would not be there because you notified us in advance that you/student had plans over the break. However, many of you were a no-show.  Those of you who did not attend last night must contact Housing and set up a meeting time to go over your contract. Both you and your student must come in at the same time. Lets get this completed next week please.

Classes begin for Spring quarter, Monday, April 2, 2018!  See you on campus

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Hello Spring Break!


I have heard that many of our students are going on a Spring Break! Hopefully all of our host families enjoy a well deserved break also. Most host families and student will stay home over the break, we hope you are all able to get out and enjoy some special times.

IEP StaffIEP Instructors & Advisors

If your student is going away on break – do you have their emergency information? Do you know where they are going? With who and when will they be back? If your student is 16, I hope you both have informed Housing that they are leaving and hopefully we  have their parents permission on file.

    IEP Instructors

The Housing team will be busy working over the break preparing for our new student who are due to arrive on or around the 27th. (some are already here and some may be a bit later, but the 27th is our official arrival day.

IEP Student2                              IEP Student                    IEP Celebration1Students having fun at the IEP End of Winter Quarter Celebration

Orientation will begin the next day, March 28th with breakfast being served in the Student Union (SU) building beginning at 8:30a. Please bring your students to campus before 8:30a and assist them in finding the SU building. Orientation should be over about 5p.

IEP DanceTeam Student Dance Team – Celebration Entertainment

Mandatory Meeting: If you are hosting a 16 year old student – you AND your student must attend the mandatory meeting. Thursday, March 29th at 6p. SH building room 110. We will provide dinner, a presentation and contracts will be signed.

IEP Student-Adviser  IEP Student and staff        IEP Celebration6

Our students come and go – they all have special spots in our hearts!  Have a great weekend!  The Housing Team

Daiki Matayoshi 3-2018

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Final week of classes for Winter Quarter!

study dayAre all classes cancelled on Tuesday, 3/20/2018 for Study Day? NO, This is for Academic students only! IEP levels 1-5 may have a altered schedule, please check with them.

Finals - CopyNEXT week! Please check with your students regarding their schedule. Exams are not always held at regular class time. (Level 5 students actually began on Thursday, March 15th)

  • Levels 1-3 Finals are Tuesday/Wednesday, March 20/21 – Kent Campus.
  • Level 4 Finals are Tuesday/Wednesday, March 20/21 – Auburn Campus
  • Level 5/Bridge Finals begin Thursday, March 15 – Tuesday, March 20.
    • This is for their IEP classes, they may also have exams in their Academic class at a different day/time.

celebrate - Copy   IEP Celebration                                                                                 All are welcome, please come and celebrate with our IEP students. Be sure let us know you will be attending.  RSVP

Shopping  Ask your student if they are checking their GRC email. If not, they will be missing out on fun adventures like this one. Shopping in Portland all day!

16!Are you hosting 16 year olds? Do you want to continue with this student for Spring quarter? Is it time for a change? Is your student planning to move? Does this student want to stay in your home, but they are now 17? Please notify Housing with any changes.

Spring Break - CopyLast day of Winter quarter is Friday, March 23rd. Spring quarter classes will begin Monday, April 2nd. Do you have any plans? Some of the students plan to go to Mexico, Florida, OR, Skiing, Sleep, a cabin in the mountains, the ocean, going home, shopping…. Housing will be in the office but we would love to hear about all your adventures (photo’s???).

spring arrivalOfficial arrival day for Spring quarter is Tuesday, March 27th. If you were assigned a new student and we have received their flight information, packets are being mailed out to you. Please open the packet and read the information prepared for you. You will find a calendar of orientation which begins on Wednesday, March 28th at 8:30am.  Any questions or concerns regarding schedule or transportation, please call Housing.

Best regards, The IP Housing Team

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New students alert – 2 weeks out!

In like a Lion

What is your student missing my not reading the weekly IP Student news Letter: Ask them if they have checked their GRC email lately.

  • Student Global Tea Tuesdays – Nepal: March 13th
  • Students who Studied Abroad in Barcelona share about their trip: March 13th
  • Student production – Kaleido Scope Culture
  • Student on-campus Lunch Byte: March 14th
  • Student Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities: Come to the IVD building to inquire
  • Has your Student taken the IP Student Survey  2018?

Nepal Tea 3-2018       Kaleido Scope Culture      jobsBarcelona

Help us protect our students:  The student attacks and robberies are continuing. GRC Safety Officers are aware and are doing their best to protect our students on campus. The GRC Safety Ride Shuttle now begins at 3:00p instead of 5:00p. Please remind your students to take the Safety Ride home if you live within 2 miles from campus. If you need more information about this, please contact Housing.

Does your student ride the bus?  Some students are having their phones/backpacks taken by someone getting off the bus. Or they are being followed from the bus stop. Please – this is very serious, no one ever thinks a crime will happen to them but it is happening to our student. Is it possible for you to pick your student up from campus or from the bus stop? Remind them – get off their phones when walking, be aware of who is around them when riding the bus or walking.

What to do if your student is attack:

  • Call 911 – report the crime. The local police are aware this is happening but they can’t help if they don’t know.
  • Does your student need to go to the urgent care? Please go with them.
  • Please notify Housing – email/call us with your students name and ID. We will check in with your student and see how they are doing and if can assist.

Have a wonderful weekend! Go do something fun!!!!!       The Housing Team




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